Speed Reading…Is really Possible ??
14 Aug

Speed Reading…Is really Possible ??

Speed reading… Is really possible?

Before going to start speed learning concept and techniques, few thoughts on why we need speed learning?

With vast amounts of information available for us every day through Internet, TV media, News, Paper etc… investing a little time for reading may not be sufficient to take all the information. Just Imagine if you are able to read newspaper quickly, Reading your interesting novel in half the time , zipping through your email in half the time, you can save considerable amount of time….Interesting !!!

Benefits of Speed reading

  • Average person reading speed 250 words/min, with simple reading techniques, you can double your reading speed up to 500+ wpm in just few weeks. Even you could reach 1000+ with regular practice.
  • Speed learning approach shortens the time needed to master new learning and apply it effectively on the job.
  • Increases your knowledge and wisdom in many fields of interests.
  • Improve your personality qualities, you’ll become more confident.
  • Enhanced memory, you’ll remember more easily and quickly.
  • Actively create your own future by learning new skills.
  • The necessary motivation for learning increases. Motivation to read many new books.
  • Creativity expands, the more information you know, the more you can innovate and creative
  • Promotes concentration and Improves time management.
  • Help to break monotony associated with routine learning, which make learning fun.
  • Open ups new job opportunities and can be a boost for any career.
  • Allows absorbing information much faster and recalling information quickly and effectively.
  • Speed learning involves not only the ability to read large amounts of information at an accelerated rate but also the ability to memorize, store, recall and comprehend the information you’ve just read. This can be a major benefit for a students and professionals that require large amounts of reading on a daily basis.

Try to Read this ….

Laern to Reaed muore tehn 3 tmies faetser wtih bteter undr3rsteanindg, m2roe retnentoin and imporevd re2acll in olny feew weaeks.

I colddn’t bealeive tahat I cuold actauly undrsertand wahat I w2s raeadeing. The pheannomeanl pwer of tehe hmuan mnind, Aceoridng to a reasrach, it deoen’t mateer in wahat orrder tehe letears in a wrod aer, tehe olnly improatnt thnig iz taht tehe frisrt adn lsat leteer be ien tehe rgiht palce. The rset caen bee a taotl mses aend y3ou cean sitll raed it whoutit a pboerlm. Tihs is bucseae the human mnid deos noet raed ervey ltteer by laeter, but the wrod a3s a wlohe.

Follow these Simple steps to improve your reading speed:

Step 1

Take any interesting book which you want to read, try novel, story book, anything which you really enjoy reading.  DO NOT start with technical/text book first time.

Step 2

Determine you Current Speed.

To determine your current reading speed, take your practice book . Start your stopwatch and read for 1 Mins. Count number of words, that is your current speed, Eg : 250 words / Mins

Step 3

  • Believe in yourself, everything is possible; Start with right mindset, you will be Unstoppable…..
  • Set ½ an hour dedicated time for practice about 21 days, anytime morning or evening…
  • Before going to start reading, close your eyes, take a three deep breath, say yourself, RELAX…RELAX…RELAX.

Step 4

  • First create what you want from the book ?
  • Generate a sense of urgency while reading.
  • Peripheral Vision/your field of focus :  Focus straight, without moving your eyes or head, try to be aware of  the objects to the left and right, above and below you. These objects lie outside your central field of vision is called your peripheral vision.

While you are reading any line, your eyes are primarily focused on the word that your reading. However, your eyes are capable of reading an area on either side of your primary focus. So while reading, try to read group of words, start with reading two words together, increase gradually 3 words…4 words…

  • Sub-Vocalization : Sub-vocalization is the habit of pronouncing each word in your head as you read it. Try to minimize sub vocalization, – Listen To light Music While Reading or making humming sound.
  • Reading Word-by-Word : Reading word by word will slowdown reading speed. Learn how to increase speed by taking in meaningful chunks of words, Eg : “Statue of Liberty”, “I am going to School”
  • Regression: Regression is the unnecessary re-reading of material. Re-reading of material  you just read.
  • Skimming and Scanning :
    1. Skimming is  visually searching the sentences of a page for clues to meaning,
    2. Scanning – look only for a specific fact or piece of information without reading everything.
  • Use a guide: Meta guiding is the visual guiding of the eye using a finger or pointer.
  • Poor Concentration: Low Concentration reduces reading speed. So choose right place and focus your attention while reading which help you to concentrate more.

Happy Reading….

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