“UNSTOPPABLE WISDOM – Academy” was founded with a vision to provide the highest quality in ‘Accelerated learning Strategies‘ and “Mind Sports of Memory” Training, Coaching & Counselling services to students, individuals, family and groups.
We believe that education can accelerate your life into an instant reality that you create !

At “Unstoppable Wisdom – Academy”, We conduct workshops on Accelerated learning program to enables kids to identify preferred style of learning and to facilitate whole brain more effectively to achieve a faster learning rate.

“Mind Sport of Memory”  is one the popular Mind Sport through out the world. We  provide intensive training/coaching on varies Ancient and Modern Memory techniques to improve memory and excel in National & International Memory Championship.

We also conduct Workshops/Coaching programs on wellness to learn new perspective, right knowledge, wisdom, information & methodology for real well-being & true happiness.

Our Coaches are adhere to ethical standards while providing a variety of services to a diverse population.

The ultimate goal for all of us is to be JOY & HAPPY”, Break out of limiting belief, Accelerate your learning, acquire true WISDOM, Ultimately, Be UNSTOPPABLE…