The Universe Buries Strange treasures Inside Us. THE QUESTION IS – ‘Do we have the courage to unearth these hidden treasures that will tap the HIGHEST and UNSTOPPABLE potential in a Human’?

“UNSTOPPABLE WISDOM – Academy” was founded in 2015 by Dr.Manjunath M.S. –Memory Management Expert and Coach of Indian Memory Team, with a vision to provide the highest quality in  “Memory Management”, “Accelerated Learning Strategies”, and “Mind Sports of Memory”. We render Coaching & Counselling services to Students, Professionals, Business owners, individuals appearing for competitive exams and family members. We believe that education alongside systematic smart work can accelerate your life into an instant reality that you create! We are the creators of our Destiny.

At “Unstoppable Wisdom – Academy”, we conduct seminars and workshops on Accelerated Learning Program, Memory Management and Mind Education which enables kids to identify their preferred style of learning that in turn facilitates whole brain functionality and effectively achieve a faster learning rate.

“Mind Sport of Memory” is one the popular Mind Sport throughout the world. We provide intensive training and coaching on various ancient and modern memory techniques to improve memory and excel in national & international memory championship.

The ultimate goal for us is to Break out of limiting beliefs and barriers, accelerate your learning, acquire true WISDOM and Ultimately, Be UNSTOPPABLE….