Memory sport is referred to the competition in which the each of the participants would attempt on memorizing the words, numbers, cards, abstract images, binary numbers etc. and then recall them in the same order. Memory Competition sport mainly developed in the year 1991 and the game features the National and International championships.

When you like to become a Memory Champion and unleash Memory Power, then getting the professional help would be more possible. Coaching for the National Memory Championship is offered by the experts who train you across the different Ancient as well as Modern Memory techniques. Students could conveniently memorize hundreds of names, digits, cards as well as other information with the innovative steps.

Get the amazing opportunity to become the Memory Champion with awesome training within the required time. There are 10 discipline in National Championship

  1. Random Words
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Names and Faces
  4. Random Numbers
  5. Random Cards
  6. Speed Numbers
  7. Abstract Images
  8. Historic / Future Dates
  9. Spoken Numbers (2 Trials: 100 and 200 Digits)
  10. Speed Cards (2 Trials)

Unstoppable Wisdom Academy is specialized in training individuals who are interested to participate in National & International Championship.

Our students participated in National Championship 2017. Also participated along with other National teams in World Memory Championship last year. Indian team bags 4th place competing for 18 counties.

There is a great opportunity to become a Memory Champion within a few months.

Coaching session :

  • Duration : 6 Months (Weekly 2 sessions)
  • Age Group :  12 Years & Above
  • Venue : Classroom OR Online Course (Skype or Whatsup Video call) 
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Photos – World Memory Championship 2017