Art Of Memorization

  • Do you often forget simple things like keys ?
  • Do you forget whatever you studied for examination ?
  • Do you often forget whatever studied in previous nights ?
  • Do you often forget names & faces ?
  • Do you forget your speech and presentation?
  • Do you forget route map ?
  • Do you forget work assigned to your team ?
  • Do you forget your spouse Birthday or weeding Anniversary?
  • Do you often forget your password, Credit Card PIN number etc

“With Creative Memory, Study Less, Score More” Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information that is otherwise difficult to remember & recall. The idea behind using Creative Memory is to encode complex information in a way that is much easier to remember.

Incredible benefits :

  • Creative Visualisation techniques.
  • Understanding Mind and Memory
  • Learn to remember list of words/number/events easily.
  • Memorizing Formulae, Equations and Definitions (Physics & Mathematics).
  • Remembering Scientific data, Periodic table,
  • Memorizing Historical events, Birth days and anniversary easily.
  • Memorizing periodic table easily.
  • Remember Long and short answers
  • Engineering & Medical terminology
  • Effective Note taking.
  • Memorizing English Vocabulary, NLP Spelling Strategies.
  • Memorize long answers ,Essay.
  • Map pointing techniques
  • Remembering Names + Faces.
  • Memorizing Presentation and Meeting minutes.
  • Difficult Verses, Poems, Mantras
  • Religious books BaghvathGita, Bible, Kuran can remember easily