Accelerated Learning – Corporate Program

  • Have you ever forgot the key points in presentation ?
  • Have you ever been introduce to someone and you forgot their names in few mins ?
  • Have you ever forgot the key points during the meeting ? or missed an appointment due to forgetfulness ?
  • Have you ever forgot the speech ?
  • Do you find difficult to remember information quickly and accurately ?
  • Are you finding difficulty to study your professional exams due to lack of memory capabilities ?
  • Have you ever missed key business information when talking to business client or bosses ?
  • Are concerned with how memory changes with Aging ?

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems with help of Accelerated Learning. We help corporate professional to improve their memory and learning skills by training an advanced memory techniques & NLP Strategies. We customize our program based on organization needs.


  • Study Your Mind  (NLP Techniques, Cognitive Psychology)
  • Better efficiency – Advanced Learning tools, Memory Techniques
  • Neurobic Brain Exercises – Helps to keep our brain fit, younger and stronger
  • Mind Mapping


  • Accelerated Leaning strategies – learning become more enjoyable, easier and more effective.
  • Enhanced Memory skills – Learn how to effectively store, retrieve and recall information through different Creative Memory techniques.
  • Whole Brain learning
  • Emotional management, Relaxation & concentration development.
  • Learn powerful NLP tools to manage your emotions and work life balance.
  • Mind mapping techniques
  • Thought mapping
  • Working Smarter and not harder
  • Help participants grasp technical and complex material more easily.
  • Neurobic Brain Exercises – Brain exercises helps to keep our brain fit, younger and stronger.

TRAIN YOUR MIND (NLP Techniques, Cognitive Psychology)

Learning How to manage and deal with emotions is one of the most important skills which everyone needs to develop.

Learn powerful NLP techniques and knowledge to deal with emotions, reactions, work life balance and develop your potential and talents.

  • Create the Positive mental attitude. Preparing Your Mind to Learn
  • Develop Focus, Attention, and Concentration.
  • Break free from limiting belief and thought process
  • Reframe the perception of failure
  • Know your purpose – setting Goals & Target
  • Explore passion and strength
  • Creating Vision & Stay Motivated

CREATIVE MEMORY (Science of Memory)

An effective memory is a key component to success in both your business and personal lives. Memory is a learning skills that anyone can learn and improve their memory. There are no good or bad memories just trained or untrained.

“With Creative Memory, Study Less, Score More” Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information that is otherwise difficult to recall. The idea behind using mnemonics is to encode complex information in a way that is much easier to remember.

  • Creative Visualization techniques.
  • Understanding Mind and Memory
  • Simple ways to sharpen your memory
  • Effective Note taking.
  • Develop Vocabulary & Foreign language
  • Remembering Names + Faces.
  • Memory skills to remember meetings minutes and presentations.
  • Better retain Points, Facts and Figures
  • Presentation without notes
  • Meetings and Speech
  • Reminder and AppointmentsRemember Personal Passwords easily
  • Using both sides of the brain: left and right Brain thinking
  • Developing whole-brain strategies for better Recall Memory


Mind Map is a ultimate organizational thinking tool. A Mind Map is a diagram used to visually organize information and easiest way to put the information in to your brain and take the information out of your brain.

Incredible benefits

  • Making effective notes during Business meetings or lecture
  • Summarize a topic or chapter
  • Brainstorming to solve a problem
  • Generate ideas

Who need mind maps

  • Students, teachers, parents,  professionals, Entrepreneurs