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Anyone can become a Memory Champion with right techniques and consistent practice.
19 Oct

Anyone can become a Memory Champion with right techniques and consistent practice.

Remembering 52 shuffled decks of cards in 13.96sec.. Do you think it is possible?

Yes, its possible, The Current world record in remembering 52 shuffled decks of cards is just 13.96 by Zou Lujian, China during 2017 world memory championship in China.

Mind sports of memory is a Mental sport in which participates remember the massive amount of data in very less time by following specific guidelines and recall in the same sequence. Memory sports was initiated during 1991 by Tony Buzan inventor of mind mapping and Raymond Keene. Currently, more than 40 countries actively participate in world memory championship and also many countries organize the National Memory Championship every year.

There are varies categories in memory sports.

  • Remembering names & faces
  • Binary numbers
  • Random numbers
  • Abstract images
  • Speed numbers
  • Historical and Future Dates
  • Random Numbers
  • Random Words
  • Spoken Numbers
  • Speed Cards

Indian National Memory Championship 2018 held at Hyderabad on 14 Oct 2018, more than 218 Memory athletes from all over India have taken part in the Championship. The overall winners of the Championship were Mr Prateek Yadav, Ms Kanakamahalakshmi and Ms Kalyanalakshmi.

Uwisdom Academy is authorized training center in Bangalore to provide training and coaching to students who are interested to participate in National and International Memory Championship.

You will Never Thought Knowing Memory Enhancement Beneficial
11 Oct

You will Never Thought Knowing Memory Enhancement Beneficial

Memorization is the technique of committing something to memory. Unstoppable academy provides memory enhancement course to increase the memory power. The brain process is undertaken in order to store in memory for later recall items such as experiences, names, appointments, addresses, phone numbers, lists, stories, poems, pictures, maps, diagrams, facts, music or other visual, auditory, or tactical information. The logical investigation of memory is a piece of intellectual neuroscience, an interdisciplinary connection between psychological brain science and neuroscience.


A strategy for recalling records, in view of making a relationship between the components of that rundown. For instance, on the off chance that one wished to recollect the rundown (dog, envelope, thirteen, yarn, window), one could make a connection framework, for example, a tale about it. You will get to learn so many new techniques like this for memory enhancement. This is how that the story would be easier to memorize that the list itself. Alternatively one could use visualization, seeing in one’s mind’s eye an image that includes two elements in the list that are next to each other.

The Art of memory, a group of memory enhancement principles and techniques used to organize memory impressions, improve recall, and assist in the combination and ‘invention’ of ideas. This group of principles was usually associated with training in Rhetoric or Logic from the Ancient time, but variants of the art were employed in other contexts, particularly the religious and the magical. Memory enhancement techniques commonly employed in the art include the association of emotionally striking memory images within visualized locations, the chaining or association of groups of images, the association of images with schematic graphics.

How to increase memory power with Unstoppable wisdom academy?
10 Oct

How to increase memory power with Unstoppable wisdom academy?

Unstoppable wisdom academy offers How to increase memory power. In education and at work, remembering anything has dependably been considered as a difficult errand. By knowing the basic human dialect of Imagination and Association, you will learn exceptionally straightforward systems to retain extensive records. You will comprehend the Science of Memory. By knowing how memory functions and what people recall. Memory is identified with your mind. It is one of the mind capacities. A few people are great at memory and a few people are definitely not.

With How to increase memory power course students are taught how to remember things which are essential. Memory is related to visualization and imagination. Unstoppable wisdom teaches students how to remember things by giving lot of memory games and activities. It is not enough if a student remembers. We also teach how to retain it,  Uwisdom teaches a student to have a long term memory program. Through this, a student will learn how to retain things in mind for a long term.

It’s important to know that how to increase memory power, so Uwisdom provide you memory training in their memory institute. We have all forgotten names, where we put the key, some new friends name, face and phone numbers also. Sometime it gets serious problems also and because of this lack of memory we feel embarrassing in front of others. Memories aren’t put away in only one a player in the cerebrum. Distinctive composes are put away crosswise over various, interconnected cerebrum areas.

Uwisdom is a famous personal growth and self-development training institute in India. We provide our best memory training in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai and all over India. Our main focus is to boost your memory, increase your study skill and improve your reading knowledge.

Memory improvement exercises ideas that you can share with your friends
10 Oct

Memory improvement exercises ideas that you can share with your friends

Using a technique to help us learn something we about memory improvement exercises is another way we can make the most of our memory. You can enhance your memory by being mindful to the data you have to recollect, by recognizing and adapting successfully to things in your everyday life that point of confinement your memory potential, and by rehearsing great hierarchical propensities. Be that as it may, there are conditions where conveying great memory change activities might be helpful. For instance, you may need to recollect something “by the head, for example, a tag number, a mobile phone number, or a PIN number. Or on the other hand you may wind up in a circumstance where you don’t have much authority over the data and need to retain it rapidly. This is regularly the situation when you’re getting headings or taking in a name.

Here’s memory improvement exercises by relentless intelligence institute so basic you most likely do it as of now and don’t consider the way that you’re utilizing a strategy to enable yourself to recollect. When you have to get the hang of something “by head,” rehash it to yourself. By rehashing the data, you are motivating yourself to concentrate consideration on it and along these lines giving yourself greater chance to learn it. Now and then that is everything necessary.

One intense way we can recollect better is by hooking together the data we are endeavoring to learn. Like a progression of dominoes thumping each other down in a line, you can recall things by connecting them to each other. On the off chance that you need to recall something, make up story about it. Storytellings are great memory improvement exercises to make data significant. It interfaces the data together, as well as gives it an account meaning. For the majority of us, a story is an accommodating thing to review.